Intimate Partner Violence

Influencing Policy & Legislation

  • Work with law enforcement agencies and the judicial system to require the mandatory arrest of the primary aggressor when responding to a domestic violence call.
  • Support legislation that:
    • Allows minors to petition for Protective Orders (POs) on their own behalf and explicitly describe the procedure for doing so.
    • Allows victims of intimate partner sexual abuse, stalking, and harassment to access POs.
    • Allows minors to access all sensitive services without parental involvement.
the male rapist put his hand on the shoulder of the beaten woman on a gray background. Domestic

Changing Organizational Practices

  • Work with the judicial system to require IPV offenders to attend comprehensive and reputable batterer’s intervention programs.
  • Work with schools of medicine, nursing, dental, and allied health to require training on early recognition and response of intimate partner violence.
  • Work with local law enforcement agencies to identify targeted personnel with that agency and require of them training specific to the investigation and discovery of suspected intimate partner violence cases.

Fostering Coalitions & Networks

  • Participate in the local Intimate Partner Violence Death Review Team.
  • Establish a multi-disciplinary coalition to mobilize community leadership and resources, maximize the efficiency of resources, and avoid duplicative services and contradictory messages.
  • Work with multi-disciplinary groups to establish or expand effective services for victims, such as shelters and legal aid.

Educating Providers

  • Educate physicians, nurses, dentists, and all other healthcare workers on early recognition and response of intimate partner violence.
  • Educate law enforcement personnel on early recognition and the investigative response of intimate partner violence.
  • Facilitate educational opportunities regarding intimate partner violence

Promoting Community Education

  • Promote information and resources about intimate partner violence and healthy dating relationships through social Domestic Violence Abuse Awareness Month activities.
  • Post the telephone numbers for local violence hotlines, shelters, and help groups in bathroom facilities.
  • Promote information regarding UVisas and protection for undocumented individuals in domestic violence situations.
  • Promote information and resources about intimate partner violence through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Strengthening Individual Knowledge & Skills

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