Drowning Prevention

Influencing Policy & Legislation

  • Work with local governments to implement policies and regulations for residential pool safety that mandate the installation of a four-sided pool fence that completely separates the pool area from the house and yard. The fence should be at least 4 feet high and have self-closing and self-latching gates that open outward with latches that are out of reach of children.
  • Work with local governments to implement policies and regulations for public pool safety (including apartment, hotel, and neighborhood association pools) that require installation of a four-sided pool fence that completely encloses the pool area and limits access by a controlled door or gate.
  • Work with appropriate governmental agencies to increase awareness and enforce open-water safety regulations
Hand of Someone Drowning and in Need of Help

Changing Organizational Practices

  • Ensure that retailers of pools, spas, and watercraft include safety education to customers
  • Distribute retail packets that include local laws and regulations regarding pool/spa home safety and open-water sports activities

Fostering Coalitions & Networks

  • Involve and get support from parents, civic organizations, schools, and retailers of water-related sports to develop awareness campaigns and education.
  • Enlist community groups to increase accessibility to formal swimming lessons.

Educating Providers

  • Work with pediatricians to provide information about water safety during well-child visits

Promoting Community Education

  • Promote barriers such as automatic door locks to prevent access to residential pools
  • Promote pool alarms for residential pools to alert homeowners if someone enters the pool area
  • Promote information about water safety through the CDC Injury Center social media outlets

Strengthening Individual Knowledge & Skills

  • Provide formal swimming lessons for children and adults
  • Encourage pool owners to remove floats, balls, and other toys from the pool and surrounding area immediately after use so children are not tempted to enter the pool area unsupervised
  • Encourage the use of approved personal flotation devices as noted on the manufacturer’s label.

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